Toxicz is recruiting snipers! MW2/Mw3/BO/BO2

Black Ops II Clans

Team Toxicz is a Sniping clan that has many events and battles, we are also starting our own youtube channel that I created yesterday for team montages and such. We need more talented snipers to join the sqaud for our youtube videos. We mainly play SnD and Drop Zone for good clips with the snipers.

Our official website is: sign up on the forum and hit apply.

Our official youtube channel is you could kindly subscribe and give us a little boost.

If you want to join just sign up on the website and apply for the clan and you will get a tryout after it. The leader is Liamlad2011. If you aren't good at sniping you can still join the clan as a trainee and you will not be on any montages untill we think you are fully ready to become a main part of the clan.

Thank you!


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