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Top 50 Clan Recruiting

Team AnG (All Natural Gaming) is currently recruiting. Now first off, we are different from many clans. The casual clan would set stat requirements. We personally believe giving out stat requirements is where a lot of clans can go wrong. We were once one of those clans.For example, what happens if there is a extremely good player that participates in League Play and is competitive? Your stats WILL go down.  We have been a clan since MW3 and are still going strong. Now if you do want to know the clans stats, they are definately not horrible.


Clan KD: 2.18

Clan SPM: 428
Clan Level on Black Ops 2: 27
Clan Level on MW3: 50

#1 in Masters division in League Play last season
Members: 36
Competitive Clan
Looking to get sponsored? Sponsors are looking at our players. If you are looking to get big in the community, let us help you get there!


We do not care what your stats are to a extent. We hope your stats are atleast decent. If you are the type of player that knows what you are doing, we can potentially accept. We are good in the competitive gaming aspect. We have members that are trained to play competitive. We are however looking for members that are good at Public Matches.  We want members that are dedicated to helping the clan grow even further. We have a competitive team. Now we need a Pubs team. We need people that can be good at clan ops and challenges. Many of our members are to busy focusing on getting #1 in competitve play. We know the tips and tricks to clan ops & challenges. All we ask is you contribute if you are to join. We can help you guys Get Better At Clan Ops & Challenges, Make Clan Ops & Challenges Fun While Doing Good,& How To Become A Better Player Overall.
If you believe you have decent stats and are willing to be dedicated and meet new people that play every day, please apply including your Timezone.You will be contacted within 24 hours if you have been accepted.

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We are stil recruiting! Spots are filling in FAST!

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