Team oBey (Squad) Recuritng

Black Ops II Clans

If you reading this. You must have been interested in Joining Team oBey (Squad).

So I'm Recruiting for a League play/Pubs Team, and Gamebattles Team.

If You have no Idea what Gamebattles is Click the link

What I'm Looking for is Dedicated Members.

-K/D 1.35 and Willing to work on it.

-Must have a Mic.

-Good Communication.

-Black ops 2 (Of Course).

You can Also Apply on COD Elite

It took me 6 years to Find a Perfect Team.

If interested in building this squad with me.

Post your Gamertags below

or Send a Message to Jesus oB (saying Xbox360clan)

Looking forward to playing with you guys.

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ObeyAlliance look em up

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Xbox 360.

GT: itstheJP

I posted a thread on this page with more info about me.

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