SWED PS3 clan is now recruiting, join today!!

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SWED PS3 clan is now recruiting, join today!!

We are Smok3W33dEryDay and we are doing a mass recruit! We are a PS3 clan, accepting both BO2 and MW3 players! We are currently a Middleweight clan with 20+ active clan members! Our goal is to expand into the heavyweight Clan League!! We are currently playing in daily BO2 and MW3 challenges and earning gold in every one!! We are looking for very active players, who want to play for clan xp! Play in clan ops and challenges that you want, play alongside clan mates and stay connected with your clan leader! SWED is recruiting for a limited time only, so apply soon! Check us out at: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5951099 and apply today! Stay Gr33n! (Clan members NOT rquired to smoke, just respect those who do!!)

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