Recruiting for Competitive and Pubs PS3

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UBOA is openly recruiting for Competitive and Public players. A little about the clan is that we are a very active clan, We have League Play Teams, Public Match Teams, and Zombie Teams. We level 17 on Black ops 2 and 10 on MW3. What the clan can offer you is a variety of things to do, like i said before we have LP Teams, Pub Teams, and Zombie Teams, we also offer a Competitive side to the clan, which will have League Play, MLG and GB's. What we expect from our recruits is respect for your fellow clan members and the clan in general. We are also expecting you to have a working mic but if you dont have one that is fine (but only for Pubs and maybe zombies). We would like you to have a positive K/D and atleast a 290 SPM+. For Competitive it is a little different on the expectations, for competitive we expect you to have a working mic, know the map,callouts and gametypes, and a positive K/D. Within the Competitive side we will be doing MLG and GB's which we will be doing competitive 4v4's to figure out which players will best fit the role for the team. If you have any questions about anything said up above or any questions about the clan not mentioned you can message me @tokara101 on playstation or you can message jawilli the clan leader. Also if you want an invite to the clan you can apply here

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