[Ps3 clan] DonZ_KillerS... the fast growing PS3 clan!

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[Ps3 clan] DonZ_KillerS... the fast growing PS3 cl...

Hi if you are ps3 player and wanna join a clan, u are more than welcome to join my clan. all we require is an active player. My clan will be playing the clan operation on Feb 02 and the need some players to join us and help. We will soon create an Youtube and facebook account for the clan and the would like to know if someone could upload the clan videos there. We simply play for fun and get up on clan level so we need the right players for it. So... if you are interested please add Fifa1209 or lllattinfaasttt on ps3

PS/ Don't forget to apply for us on Black Ops II Elite and we will be accepting as soon as possible. The clan name is DonZ_KillerS

Clan leaders:

1. lllattinfaasttt

2. Fifa1209

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