PS3 United Mean~Shadows level 37 MW3 level 29 BO2

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PS3 United Mean~Shadows level 37 MW3 level 29 BO2

Hello it takes some will to be a Mean~Shadow

Requirements for the clan members

  1. have a K/D above 1.0
  2. Participate in at LEAST one clan op a weekend either sat or Sunday op
  3. have a mic
  4. be able to listen to team and not yell over eachother

Myself and our co clan leader and other admin members have set an age limit to over 14

Send me a message on psn riad835sbm with any question a lot of our boys like to quick scope and play domination

This past weekend on the Saturday clan op we finished 145 out of 24,000 clan that were on check out our clan show case if you don't believe me.

Also check out our clan page and put an application in. We are also working on our clan website that should be up and running by summer.

If you aren't apart of UmS don't let your shadow be caught on the battlefield.

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