PS3 Player looking for clan

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PS3 Player looking for clan

Im currently looking for a clan to play with.

The clan I would enjoy playig with is a serious clan. A clan who plays every clan op as I will help out with Clan ops.

Also a clan that as mics and plays with other members very often. And most imprtantly a clan that plays for the objective.

Let me tell you a bit about me.

PSN: Phillyphan_95

KD: 1.3

W/L: 1.17

SPM: 367

Legit Prestiege Master

Age 17

East Coast

Usually play 3pm to Midnight

Always play the objective. Id rather go 11-30 and get the win then got 30-11 and lose.

Im looking for a clan because mostly who I use to play either dont play anymore or they are involved with school or work to much.

Ill check this fourm later but feel free to send me a message on psn or on here if you would like to have me enjoy your clan.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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Hello, My PSN is ByRoN-_-SLaYeR and I own a COD Elite clan named "Gifted-Slayers"   This is a casual clan that currently consists of 12 members.  There are no requirements, and everyone can join without any questions asked. All I do ask is that you once in a while go for the "clan ops competition" for the day since I enlist in them several times per week.  Feel free to comment here, send me an in game msg, or apply to the clan to be accepted!  Thanks, hope to be playing with you soon.  ByRoN-_-SLaYeR

EDIT:  I love you emblem btw.  SOOO TRUE

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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--Ashes of the Innocent--

Click here and apply! --> <--Click here and apply!

A clan for people who play on...

--Xbox 360--

--Playstation 3--

--Wii U--


We are NOT a small clan; we are a large, friendly, and organized clan that works together like a family!

  • 60+ Members, help us expand!
  • Listed on top 100 CoD Clans.
  • Have our own website.
  • Active Xat chat.
  • Forums to discuss gaming needs and such
  • It's all about having fun - we love party games!
  • Old clan, we've been around for more than 4 years!
  • Mainly a CoD clan, so we know what we're doing.
  • PS3  is doing Clan Ops and has Golden Clan Tags!
  • We do play other games!
  • We have a structured ranking system, so we are not a mess of a clan!
  • Must be older than 15, or show you're mature enough for us.

Look at our clan rules here!

Feel free to fill out an application, and gun along side one of us

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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Apply here

We always party up and most of us have mics. We all play the objective. Only reason our clan record sucks is because stupid clan mates enlisted our clan in every operation. We only have very little members because I kicked everyone that did not participate in clan competitions and people who I did not trust because they might of enlisted us. Add me or message me. My psn is iTzSmexy-

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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join now, will be gladly welcomed in

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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come play with me man we can get a clan running if you want

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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The United Vetz, level 9, apply and you will get in

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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MYO - Meet You Owners:

We are a group of 50+ members that love to play BO2! Having fun while owning is what we do and what we want from our members as well.  By working together using strategy, teamwork and skill we are able to take on any challenge and give it our all.  All we ask from our members is that they stay active on our clan website (Which is currently only a temporary board), play a couple times a week and participate in clan ops.  We are also trying to get members to sign up for a chat service that is like AIM, its called Xfire. This is a great way for us to communicate and chat it up while we are not gaming. There is a download link on our website.  Our goal is to build long lasting friendships as well as strong teams as we begin to get to know one another better.

So if you are still interested in joining our clan there are a few rules/expectations that we have for our members and staff:

Play with Class

Be active!

Check the website daily for updates

Play in clan ops

Respect the Council Members and other members

Have fun and Pwn!

We do aim to have to have a more mature clan but we figure that does not just mean age.  This also means how we act in game and on boards.  If someone is 21 but are very immature, well they can find another clan.  If someone is 14 but hold themselves to a higher standard, well then welcome aboard.  Age is but a number, maturity is so much more.

If you wish to know more about our clan or have questions please feel free to visit us at our temporary web dominan:

You can also email our Clan Leader with other inquiries at (He goes by CANADA109) or the clan OverSeer at (He goes by xOSHx)

Thank you for your time!

- MYO Recruitment Council

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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Hello, my PSN is ByRoN-_-SLaYeR and I own the clan named Gifted-Slayers. currently we have 8 members, varying from all levels, ranks, and KDs. No requirements, would enjoy more new active members! All i ask is u play the clan ops once in a while since i enlist in many competitions each week. I hope to be seeing some of u soon, if u apply u will be accepted! Smiley Happy

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Re: PS3 Player looking for clan

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Hi, my gamer tags is rshealey, I've just made a new clan named CoF* we are having trouble with ELITE currently. We have 7 people in the clan and I am the clan leader. Message me if you have any questions, here is our website:

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