PS3 Platform, Looking for Black OPS 2 Clan. MUST BE ACTIVE!

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Hello, StuCoutu here.

I am looking for a clan that is active and mature, I play all game modes and am a semi competitive player also like to have my fun times in the game also. I am not looking for a too serious of a clan I want something that has rules but also has fun in the meantime. PSN is StuCoutu msg me about your clan thanks.

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Hey dude!

Take a look at my clan, Elite Rebellion.



Recruitment Thread:

Elite Rebellion is a clan that uses and teaches military tactics on war games.

This at first may seem like we take the game too serious, but we don't, it's basically a fancy way of saying "We know how to work together as a team".

We offer you a relaxed family atmosphere, in-clan games and competitions, an active community, our training system and not forgetting to mention, the completely unique games you will experience every day/night you play with us.

To join, simply send me a message or a friend request on the PSN, as well as applying to join Elite Rebellion on ELITE.

My PSN ID: JokesOnMe

- Must be over 18.

- Must have and use a working headset/microphone.

- Must be willing to learn.

Thankyou for reading this message and we will hopefully see you in our ranks! Message will self destruct in 5...

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its a new clan but if you wanna join in just apply

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Looking for players who want to join a competitive clan we have consistent players that are on 24/7 our peak playin time is between 6pm and 3am we play in alot of tournaments outside of the cod elite program we feel that playing on tournament sites are better for us. is a site that we play all of our clan battles threw. Our website is sign up and register on the site after your done with that go to the top of the page and fill out a recruit app this is the link to that part of the site when you are done with that you will be asked to play with us so we can get a feel for you and if your playing style will fit our clan. This clan has been around since 2008 and has won 5 Championships since than we want to contuine that with you if you are intrested and signing up please take the time out and check us out and find us online!



K/D better than a 1.15


Msg the leader on the psn

This is the leaders name: F_E_A_R_L_E_S_S1

Or the clan officer Buster_

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