[PS3] DonZ_KillerS needs you!!

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[PS3] DonZ_KillerS needs you!!

If you are an active player and need a clan, why dont you join the fast growing ps3 clan DonZ_KillerS. You are welcome to join us at any time. We are getting ready for the clan ops and would need players like you to join us. We will soon create an Youtube account to post the members performance.

What we require from you:

to be active.

do what the leaders of the clan tell you to do.

be over 15

What we would need:

we are looking for someone who could upload our clan videos on youtube [someone that have good quality].

who to contact:

if you are interested please add my PSN ID [Fifa1209]. You dont need to reply to this post, just add me on PS3 and we will talk.

PS. The Clan operation starts tomorrow so if you are interested.. Add me now!

Thank you!

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