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Whats up gamers...i was looking to start a new clan or possibly join a clan...can anybody help me out? I mostly play domination but would be willing to play anything, im looking for decent gamers, people who like to have fun but also know how to K/D is a 2.03...hit me up...GT is dbor2730 for 360....

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SPR is running just about everything, including squads and Zombies for Black Ops 2. Check us out:

If you need something that's not on there, let me know so we can work it out.

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Do you find yourself standing in a corner with only three bullets left and nobody that has your back? Well look no further, If you're looking for a community with a structured military based ranking system & values teamwork, communication, & having the upper hand on your enemy during battle, Shadow Company is a home for YOU...Shadow Company is now recruiting & since we cover multi platform/multi franchise games, you won't ever be in that situation again. In Shadow Company, we have 500+ members that span from the US to even Europe. If fighting alone doesn't seem to fit your playstyle anymore then go to "" and register today. Must have a working mic.

Feel free to add me on PSN my PSN ID Gamer Tag is (MostHatedCrazie)

A "Meet & Greet" is required upon registration

How did you hear about Shadow Company?

"Refered by MostHatedCrazie"



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