NRGz Elite clan recruiting EUROPEAN players! (xbox)

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NRGz Elite clan recruiting EUROPEAN players! (xbox...

We are a group of 25 looking for 1 or 2 more ACTIVE, Strong, and Competitive players from EUROPE that play daily atleast from 1pm - 3pm UK time. Our Gold tag is [NRGz]. We need players that play Dom, KC,TDM and zombies. we recently WON our first 6v6 clan battle and plan to do more in the near future. Our clan KD is 1.65 which is the REQUIRED minimum for new members and must be 16yrs+. We play 4 fun but play 2 win! we have players from the US, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany and Australia. Apply here and include a message with your info.

LEADER: Op7imusPito

*****We're looking for European players for time zone purposes. I'm from Florida, USA and due to my work schedule i play everyday but only from 8am - 10am so Im more likely to play with our members from Europe since there its 1pm - 3pm*****

We are all friendly but take Winning seriously. I have a 1.84 kd and 367 SPM but half of our members stats are even better than that!

Message me on xbox, telling us your KDR, SPM,Where you live? (for time zone purposes) , etc. We are mainly Looking for competitive players at the moment, that are experienced!

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Re: NRGz Elite clan recruiting EUROPEAN players! (...

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We will also consider any 1.65KD+ east coast US players that play daily in the AM from 8am - 11am.

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