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As in title im looking for an xbox 360 clan, im 22 year old an would prefer a clan not overrun with kids, and not a sniping clan as i dont snipe unless i have to pick one up from the floor.

my kd is around 3.00
spm is normally 600+ on objective game modes

My gamertag is PLAY THE OBJ
also im from uk, thanks.

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Hi Gjonllk!

Here's some info about our gaming community. Click on the logo to apply.

See you there!!


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We are a small active group looking for a few strong players from Europe. We play together daily. Check us out and apply if interested https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/6199273


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well we are a fairly new clan. you sound just like i did when i first started. i needed a clan with adults. and my k/d wasnt fairly good but it has improved since joining my clan. when i play with them my k/d is an average of over 3 without them its probably 1.5. 

xKings of Death   is recruiting good players and older players.

we like to have fun but we are also very competative.

my gamertag is

killer big e go      if you wanna know more add me.  im not going to send you to some website to fill out an application for the clan. if your a semi decient player and your active, we'll play with you and see how you do from there.

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Hey man, come take a look at Foundations of Destruction! We would be glad to have you. We have members from all around the world that play casually and competitively, so finding the right people to party up with is never too hard. Plus, we host gamenights every week to socialize with other members. We are also currently hosting a 1v1 ladder within the clan and a 4v4 MLG style tourney. And on another note, we even sponsored two teams at MLG Dallas, Prime Example and Storm, and are sponsoring Donut Shop in their run at the COD Champs! Register at www.clanfod.com

And if you want more info or have any questions, feel free to shoot me a msg on XBL or add me, GT is MutantTeam CoCo

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my clan is looking for members new clan my k/d is 1.50 if your interested my gamer tag is SnapBackMack we have mics no kids no sniping

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