Looking for xbox 30 clan

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Looking for xbox 30 clan

-0.16 K/D (reset twice.)

-owns Elgato Capture card.

-Plays daily.

I can quick scope,Trickshot or just plain dominate. My K/D before being reset was a 1.70+

I was in DHG until I was kicked for having a bad game couple times in a row.  Soo,please have patience with me,sometimes i'll go ham and sometimes  won't.

oh btw,my mic broke :/ i'll get a new one later.

GT: R3dH4wkx.

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Re: Looking for xbox 30 clan

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I am WillyWooTang aka Cj founder of Shoot First Ask Later. If you are looking for a clan that is jokes around and is having a good time come check us out at xsfalx.enjin.com. We started a few about a week ago for say. But we are not a lvl 5 clan and have 8 members, and we have some more coming.

So if you wish to check out me main page to look at and see everything, check out our page, we have 4 events coming soon, and we are always looking for members that can make videos and can do more.

Here is my main post:Click here

Hope to see you on!

WillyWooTang aka Cj

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Re: Looking for xbox 30 clan

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Clans are all the same. Power hungry kids, practices that you can never make because of work, family or school, games that become tiresome to play, ranks that are pointless except for leaders.

Hello! And thank you for taking interest in the Sons of Anarchy! We are a multi-game, multi-platform gaming "Club" that supports players from around the world.

Our goal is to provide our members with the freedom of choice, to get back to the reason they started playing these games to begin with!

Reasons to check out the Sons of Anarchy:

  • NO Mandatory Practice Events (Play When Your Schedule Allows)
  • Anyone Can Create and Attend an SOA Event
  • Play Any Game You Want

The Sons don't tie you down to a specific game (unless you want to be or you hold an "Officer" position), so if you see an Event you want play in, just sign up and show up!For More Details on how the Sons operate check out this link.Requirements for Joining:

  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • You must have a working microphone
  • Be able to access SOA-HQ.net
  • Be able to "sign" the Club Muster once a month

If you can meet those requirements check out this link to find out how to get signed up.Leadership Opportunities:

The Sons of Anarchy are a brand new gaming club. Because of this, we have plenty of leadership roles available. Additionally, since we are always looking to expand into other "Charters" (Games), there are plenty of leadership roles out there. But with our own special twists.Each Charter has 3 Officers, the President, Vice President, and Sergeant at Arms, whose primary responsibility is to make sure a Charter stays viable. Officers are required to "belong" to the Charter, and they are required to make sure Events are being scheduled for their Charter, either by them or members of the Community.

Gamer Tag Requirement:

In order to be considered a full member, and thus have full voting rights and access to the Sons of Anarchy, and in order to hold an Officer position, you must change your Gamer Tag to include one of the two following Clan Tags:

  • SOA
  • SONS

This, implies loyalty and dedication to the Club. Prospects (new members) will have 1 year from the date they join to add one of those Clan tags to their gamer tag before they will be removed.

During this time, Prospects are permitted to play in all Events, including Matches, but unable to vote on Club/Charter business or receive awards or achievements.


"Play to Death"

"Fear the Reaper"

Join the Sons of Anarchy today, visit us at SOA-HQ.net and find out what the simpler way to play is!



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Re: Looking for xbox 30 clan

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Reasons not to check out sons of anarchy...

1. Its a name of a fucking tv show and should never be used as a clan title...

also... you can 1v1 me in custom games so we can see how good we are and then you can join my clan... if you want

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Re: Looking for xbox 30 clan

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agreed that's pretty lame when you have to make a clan off a TV show not just making one up.

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