Looking for adult, mature Clan for Xbox360

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Looking for adult, mature Clan for Xbox360

I am looking for people to play with that share similar reasons for gaming.

North American EST evenings plus more on some weekends, casual player. No all star, but  feel I have progressed to the point where in any typical lobby I am going to help the team, not hinder it. Admittedly have played mostly TDM and would definitely consider myself above-average in that mode, have been exploring other modes more recently.

Mainly looking for adult, mature people to play with. I am highly competitve so you can be sure I am always trying to win and improve (even though its just a video game) while still realizing that....its just a video game.

Ingame tag is: xMRNOVEMBERx. I drew inspiration from the song (youtube it if you want), not because I am a model.


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Re: Looking for adult, mature Clan for Xbox360

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Good thing I read this man, My name is TheCaptainYurk and I am a very competetive players. I just started a clan called BLUD. Add me on 360 and we will talk about the rest I gotta go. Plus when I see you on 360 I want to 1v1 you first to see if you fit enough for this 20 member clan im creating.

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Re: Looking for adult, mature Clan for Xbox360

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I tried to send you a friend request and a message but neither of them would let me because apparently your gt doesn't exist. How bizarre. However, here's our forum link:

Flashpoint is recruiting for BO II/Ghosts/GTA 5 << look here

If you wanna check us out a little, go ahead! We have some pretty loyal members and we are a multi-gaming community. I'm the colonel for our Black Ops II division: Frost. If you have any questions just hit me up on xbox: supbroskii

If not, then go ahead and shoot us an application! I'll read it over and it accept it ASAP so that we can get you in with our other members.

Thanks for your time, darlin'.



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