Looking for a new clan on PS3

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Looking for a new clan on PS3

Hey guys as the heading says im looking for a new clan to join for the Ps3 so here's a lil more about me

I have been playing CoD since MW3, i dont have the greatest K/D ratio is has dropped from 1.00 to about 0.80 for the new black ops but thats mainly cause i have been grinding out getting most of my SMG's to Gold and now it is on the rise again, I mainly play Core Ground War, but i dont mind playing TDM, KC, or some Dommination. I tend to rush and run and gun allot but i am a consistant 20-40 Kills per game.. the main reason my KD is so low is cause i play allot of solo and placed with random players that just dont know what the hell there doing i have a 250-350 score per min depending on the game style and a 40% win loss ratio.. Im looking for a clan that can help me take my gaming to another level really and help me to improve on aspects that im just missing out on at the moment

If you like the sound of me or wanna Add me on the PSN and have a few games with me then im more then happy to be tried and tested my gammer tag is DeathMarch1203

I look forward to hearing any responses or gaming with you in the the future

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Re: Looking for a new clan on PS3

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Our clan is perfect for you, I added you on PSN, we can discuss it when your online... I look forward to speaking with you.

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Re: Looking for a new clan on PS3

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Console ARMY is looking for like minded gamers to join us. We are an organized group with a website for our community. We are also a registered Top 100 Clan. Must be 15 or older, be mature, and have a mic. If interested please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information. Tell them CJ sent you.

A little more information:

We have game nights where we get together and play public lobbies

We have 3 Battalions

         1st Battalion The Americas

         2nd Battalion Europe

         3rd Battalion Australia

We support both XBOX and PS3 versions of Black Ops 2

We have 400 members within the three Brigades

          CoD Brigade (Call of Duty Black Ops2) (7 squads)

          BF Brigade (Battlefield 3) (12 Squads)

          Mercs Brigade (HALO 4) (2 squads)

What Console ARMY has to offer:



Online Community




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