Looking for a good clan? Look no further! Xbox read

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Looking for a good clan? Look no further! Xbox rea...

Hello everyone!

I am the co founder of uKz otherwise known as unknown killers. We are a new gaming community looking to grow and expand! This community is based on having fun and having a community of gamers to play with. If you are someone looking to have fun and have a community/family to play with then join uKz! Now if you are a hardcore gamer like myself who likes to win there is also a place for you in our community.  This is for hardcore gamers who want to play to win and also play gb. We will have practices and meetings. to join this portion of uKz you must Change your gt. also if you are joining to have fun and have a community it is encouraged more that you to change your gt to represent you community and help us get more sponors! If you are interested or want more information please leave a comment below with your gt or send me a message on xbl. Gt: uKz REVOLVER


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