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The reason I don't like the whole idea of the tag being [2PRO] is because it makes us look egotistical & arrogant. Trust me on this one because the name [2PRO] projects that we are too good, untouchable and just plain immortal, which is just B.S. No matter what game you're playing there's always, ALWAYS someone better than you, no matter what. In the absolutely unlikely event that you're the best ever on a game, you'll always lose at least once. So tbh the whole idea and name [2PRO] just makes us look like arrogant people or tryhards. And we're neither! So personally I feel we should change it. I know nobody cares for those aspects of a tag but that's just what I think. Plus what's our clan name? I modelled mine (my clan name) after the Chimera (Aliens from the Resistance series. It's also my favourite FPS series) because my first shooter was Resistance 2 & because I started it up on there. So we gotta make it relevant, original and have a good sound to it Smiley Very Happy

You've only played CoD shooters?!!!!!! Dude you gotta branch out! There's soooo much beauty and fun in other shooters. I remember some matches on R3 I couldn't stop laughing the whole game. Fun times xD.

Here's a list of all the FPS's I've played - 

1.)Resistance 2. (My first FPS ever.) I was 10 & it was one of the first games I ever got on PS3. My KD on that was 1.10  Originally it was 0.7 but in about 4 months I got it up to 1.10, set up my clan & owned some peeps and got the platinum. Everybody starts out shit xD.

2.)Black ops I.

My second ever FPS. My end KD was 1.52. Quite a jump from R2. I was about 12 when it came out. So at like 13 my KD was 1.52 Smiley Very Happy.

3.)Resistance 3. (Came out Sep.2011) My third FPS. My KD is 3.4. My alt account had a 4 playing solo. I re-set up my clan & we rose in power and became one of the best clans. I don't wanna write more on R3 because I won't stop xD. My W/L ratio was about 3.5 or something lol. Losses against mostly cheap ass players when I was playing solo. I always had to carry teams in tough games xD.

4.)BO II. My fourth FPS. My KD is 2.30 I think. It was about 2.5/6 but it dropped because I play on my own. (I dislike partying up on BO II, unless it's with my clan, I usually ignore my friends xD)

5.)Crysis 3. My fifth shooter and the one I loved a LOT, the only two I liked better were the Resistances. R2 because it was my first & R3 because of my clan & all the fun times. My C3 KD was at a peak of 4.20 but it's now at 4.04. The game however is dead and died about a little over a month after release. About 200 HC C3 fans play TDM. Idk about other game modes. My W/L ratio is about 5.4 on it too Smiley Very Happy. My alt account on C3 had a KD of 8 lol. My alt acc is more of a trolling one but on C3 I tried. Again I was all solo on here except for one member with me. Duo's FTW!

6.)BF3. My last shooter of the PS3 I'd say. Amazing game but idk, i really don't wanna get back into it now due to a lot of exams and work Smiley Sad. Because of I get back into it I won't stop playing lol. Very fun to play too. My KD is about 2.25 (I'm only level 18? I think) My level is low though. I play with friends or solo. That's pretty much it. I hate carrying teams on BF3. It's sooo annoying xD.

To sum it up- 

R2 - Average player. 

BO I - Above average, pretty great I'd say. (Now anyway.)

R3 - Absolute beast. One of the best with my Carbine for sure. Regarded pretty highly I guess. B).

BO II - Pretty good, I can handle myself although I think I'm better on BO I. I hate scorestreaks, they should be killstreaks instead. 

C3 - I was actually very good. I would handle entire teams on my own. I used to own and be MVP a lot (unless I joined late.) If it didn't die I'd be there owning right now.

BF3 - I'd say I'm kinda beastly. I have no problem owning people who are colonels or whatever. I'm always top & I only lose in gunfights to OP guns or just being a retard xD. I'm good. Smiley Very Happy.

I talk too much ~.~)

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Feel free to check out DaGClan.com. Usually always someone on.

Edit: Dark Apocalypse Gaming

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Thank you but no thanks. Not nearly a convincing post.

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Clan name is something i'm still considering lol

But in random lobbies, 98% of the time we're the best xD

If you have any clan name suggestions (I dislike 3 tags or less...) name em' and their [TaGs]

I don't make complicated websites, and i don't use custom already made websites...So i love making simple, but GOOD looking website members will navigate through and stuff.

Black Ops 1, i always was the best in the lobby except when my clan was playing, there i was usually 2nd-3rd best haha

Never played others games though o.o

Only game i would actually consider getting is battlefield lol

Oh and good news i guess:

I'm gonna start working again in a week probably.

65$ every week or 2(By cash) 30$ a month from dad.

So i would get 150$-$290 a month.

PS3 is like 300$ no?

So i assume i would get a PS3 in a month(Brother will most likely help me buy PS3) he's paying the whole thing though

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Yeah, I'm voting for a change of clan name...

Beating random scrubs doesn't mean you can act like you're the best. (I'm not saying you do that and the 'You' in the first sentence is addressing everybody.)

Trust me, not you or I will ever be the best, neither will anybody, at any game. People have good games and bad games too so you can't actually judge how good a guy is on one 1v1.

You seriously gotta start branching out. Forget BF, play games like Crysis, Resistance, Killzone, Ghost Recon, Borderlands, Dead Space, Tekken, Gran Turismo & definitely GTA. C'mon man I'm really surprised you've never played anything save CoD. You really gotta get some new games. They're just soo fun to play Smiley Very Happy.

PS3 isn't $300, you can get one for £100 or so which is about $160/70 no? Search around & if nothing is cheap get one off Amazon.

Get it soon bro. Can't wait to own with you.

As for clan tags & clan names I'll think about it and get back to you. Smiley Happy

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Really? Says on the gamestop website it's around 200$  sorry meant 200 haha.

Well we only lost to less than 5 clans in 3 years. (Random lobbies AND clan battles)

(Winning KDR match wise, if we got for example with all our guys having 100 kills and 0 deaths but lost domination 190-200, then i would say we "won" in a way)

I mean, what's the point of winning a game of domination but going 0-200 lol

But yeah, only 5 clans have actually beaten us KDR wise and actually OWNING us in 3 years lol.

I know it's boasting, but i say we're one of the best out there haha. We've beaten shit talking clans with high KDRs and stuff.

I'm excited to meet you, do you have a mic?

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$200 isn't too bad tbh. As you said you can earn that in a month, or in a day if you sell drugs Smiley Tongue. I'm joking, don't sell drugs, unless they're to me Smiley Very Happy.

Still, 5 losses are still 5 losses, nobody will remain undefeated. Never. Trust me on this I've seen it before, it is funny though when your rivals finally bite the dust xD.

Lol but a win is a win is it not? Remember that some clans and players do anything to win. They don't care for KD or rep, just success.

I've beaten high (5-6KDR) players in games, but I know I was never the best (talking bout R3). I wasn't arrogant at all until I had beef with our biggest rivals. They changed my from naive, normal Killah, to arrogant, crazy & kinda moody Killah. I'm not arrogant on any game but R3 tbh. But I've done so much on there, I have bragging rights xD.

Even still, I hope we can keep that title as one of the best Smiley Wink.

Yeah I have a mic but I don't use it too much because I prefer playing with my headphones in, it helps me concentrate and stops me from getting pissed off when I play CoD. I don't get annoyed at any other game lol.

In addition to that my annoying as hell brother bugs me when I play so it's a counter measure (the headphones) against him xD. But for you I'll put it on Smiley Very Happy.

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Yeah I think i'm gonna sell some Tylenol and get the PS3 fast dude.

But to me, even if they win 200-0 in Domination but go 0-100....it's still losing lol.

5-6KR people are usually dashboarders, they're probably like 12 year old 1.40 KDR kids x)

I usually rage on COD lol

But when i made a new account i said i wouldn't rage. I didn't rage, and instead i complimented the other team for being "good" whenever i died, resulting me in a 6.0 KDR

Lmfao reminds me, one time there was some guy who was camping with a shotgun on the same place in nuketown. I called him a F4G and told him to stop using a shotgun (I hate shotgun...) and he's bad because he's using a shotgun. Next round, he used an SMG, he killed me with it and i said "Thanks for taking shotgun out". After game he just told everyone "Why'd you tell me thanks when i killed you with SMG?"

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I think you should sell some Paracetomel & get some quick cash .

That's it though, they win, no matter how bad they go they win... on score. On skill and kills, etc. they lose, but on score they win. That's why it's easier to do TDM CBs.

Lmao not these guys, deffo not dashboarders, I've played with them on multiple games, they're good people & friends of mine, plus they have been in the most known and #1 public clan in all of Resistance. You may have heard of them, the clan is [oNO] They have been on Resistance, CoD & Battlefield. Dunno what other games but the ones I know are all beasts, Plus they're not 12, they're older than both of us xD.

No matter how much I dislike CoD, console gaming is dying, so props to them for at least keeping it alive in one way, although the other way says that because of generic games like CoD & now FIFA, the gaming world is dying. It's a shame, but what can we do... I'm fairly certain there will be a Resistance 4 now, on PS4. Not yet but sometime in 2014 or so it'll be announced. When it's out, you can count on me to be playing GB on it, Resistance <3.

I hate shotguns too, with a burning passion, they're OP n00b guns, cheap as hell too, you can snipe with the ghey n00by KSG. Dumbass noobs use them lol. I only use them in retaliation, one game I used the Remington & went about 36-4 vs other shotgun noobs lol. Sweet revenge

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You're actually making me want the PS3 back...

I'll get it so soooooooooooooooon

Never heard of the clan lol

How many members is your ideal size?

I'm a good recruiter, i can get around 10 GOOD QUALITY people in a day or 2.

I start kicking off people who aren't active with the clan and stuff and "replace" them if they haven't atleast messaged me why they aren't joining us lol.

Things i look for in a recruit:

PSN name: If they have like xxqUiCkScpzUreM0mxX  kind of name, i usually don't even give them a chance haha

KDR, WL and Scorestreaks: High KDR but no helpful SS like (UAV /Counter / Guardian / VSAT) Usually i don't let them in since they probably just think for themselves. Must have a decent WL and not be a rage quitter

Mic: If they have a mic, and trash talk, NOPE. If they don't i expect them to join party chats/ message me

In-Clan activeness: I expect them to join whenever they're on, if they have something to do that requires them to play solo, they must message me.

Clan website activeness: They have to visit the website once in a while, or I will end up replacing them with someone who does

Reason is so they can get closer and know each other more ^

I haven't had people leave my clan <3

I'll try my best to keep the clan at your ideal size. My ideal size would be around 25-30 active people, that way atleast 6-9 people are usually on.

Duuuuudeeee can you ever go to our website? Lol

We can talk all the time there....


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