Looking for a good PS3 clan…

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2 members? Sounds like a duo to me I don't know if I'd fit in Smiley Happy.

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we are a duo but i want to have more members so we can increase our clan level faster. My clan needs at least 4 members to be on the clan leaderboards. well just think about it and let me know if ur interested.

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Hey KillahAdz,

My name is Cj (my gt WillyWooTang) I am a Officer for Come Correct Gaming aka CcGx.

If you are looking for a real clan that has both PS3 and Xbox gamers? We are always recruiting players, at this time we have 300+ members.

We are a very laid back clan that like to joke and laugh like a bunch of friends do. But when we need to play those serios clan  vs clan matches or gamebattles matches we play smartly and we win. At any time we know where our players are, when job they are doing offense/deffence, what is there favorite class and we make sure that everyone is using their skill to help us win.

Requirments = None

Because of this all we ask you to do is play at be very mature.

This is a small post but if you wish to see my Officail Post its at:

Hey Killer,

*I am an Officer at Come Correct Gaming, we are a clan that has about 300+ players, both PS3 and Xbox gamers play here. Gamers come from USA, Europe, and Australia. At this time we do have more Xbox gamers that PS3 gamers.

*We are a clan that is laid back joking around clan. But when we need to we play smart and we know how to win.

*We play: TDM-C/HC, CTF-C/HC, SaD-C/HD and all the rest games. I would say them all but I have been typing also.

*In every match including clan vs clan matchs we play smart, at anytime we know what every player knows what each player is, knows their job offense/deffence jobs, and all the guns they are using to.

*Requirements= None

Because we dont require anything we just ask if you are a mature gamer.

This is just a small post here, if you wish to see my Official Post its at:


Our new site is at:


If you have any questions:

Gt- WillyWooTang

Email- WillyWooTang@gmail.com

Or message me

Our new site is at:

comecorrectgaming.com at our site all PS3 members will have a small PS next to their name.

If interested:

My GT: WillyWooTang

My email is:


Or Message me

Thanks for reading

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Our clan kd is 1.75 Smiley Happy.

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Sounds pretty good, who's your leader? Tell him to add and I'll play a few games with y'all and then see what's up Smiley Very Happy.

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From what I can see, one of your requirements is to be very active on BO II. I don't play it that much because in all honesty it's got nothing on other shooters lol. I won't be active enough on BO II I think. Other than that your clan seems good xD.

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We are a high ranking clan level 47 in MW3 and level 33 in BO2 currently with 60 members.

Here is our clan link if interested apply and I will get you in tonight.


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Damn, how I wish i had my PS3 back again...(My brother rage broke it with a hammer)

You seem like the perfect recruit lol

Well basically, my clan was literally one of the best clans out there on COD. We RARELY lost any games, and when we did, we lost against people who don't care about KDR and care about winning despite going 0-100 in a game and still be proud.

We were ranked #1 on callofduty.com for highest KDRs.... http://prntscr.com/piexd [Clan2PRO]

We won 95% of our games, always getting atleast 2-3 swarms up by the end of the game.

Almost 100% of our games we had Orbital VSATs up the WHOLE MATCH.

All our players knew each other and liked each other (Until the last week when my co-leader rage quit the clan because i wanted to plant the bomb..)

We worked as a team, and 100% of us used Orbital VSAT, and probably 40/50 members used Lodestar and Swarm as the other scorestreaks. Only 2 people used UAV

Well what i'm trying to get you to do is maybe start up the clan again? I've had this clan since December 13,2011 and still have 2 original members from that day. (Have more than 5 original members since February 2012) These members have been loyal and still are (Are willing to rejoin once i get PS3)

My personal stats:

1st account: 1.50 KDR prestige 3

2nd account: 2.14KDR prestige 9 WL 1.07 / 450 SPM(Got hacked...BULLSHIT)

3rd account: 3.50 KDR prestige 1 WL 0.60/ 500 SPM (I dashboarded...)

4th account:  5.90 KDR level 42 5.0 WL 950 SPM (Yes, legit without dashboarding)

220 swarms / 850 VSATs / 210 K9 units       15 UAVs HAHAHAHAHAHA

https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5326532 used to be our Elite page

Basically, i can promise you that we WILL be a 2.0KDR+ clan.We were all above 2.0 and were 1st accounts (Except me and another guy)

I know i'm bragging and stuff...but i'd really like some people at my clan website chat lol

If you're interested, go to the clan website (currently for another game, but changing to BO2)


I will update the clan website if you decide to help out....hope to see you soon! (There's a chat in the clan website)

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LoL! He rage broke it with a hammer? XD. Why thank you, of course I'm the perfect recruit, but I'm also the sexiest recruit out there Smiley Tongue lol jk.

He rage quit and then what happened? The clan fell apart and I'm guessing he f***** off with his recruits right? I've seen it before lol. What a noob xD. 50-60 members? How many did you have altogether?

So you have 5 left right now? Well, get a new PS3 and get to reforming this legendary clan! Smiley Very Happy

That's it though, if you're just a full party pub stomping clan and don't do CBs or play privates idk if I'm interested because I'd rather be in a clan CBing but if you're up for that I'm game.

So tbh, your stats seem strong as hell and although I hate multi-accounters with a burning passion your points are making me overlook that lol. Yeah I'd say I'm interested but I can't go on your website right now, so reply here for the time being and later on I'll check it out lol.

Also, mini rant incoming:

I played league play today and my fuc**** word is it a campfest. Little cun** in the corners with LMGS & target finders, fuc**** annoying as hell, just sitting in the corner waiting for a UAV. So I only got into gold division. Then there's utter noobs on my team when I do matches lol. Soooo fuc**** frustrating I feel like snapping this ga* as* disk lol. Then I found a lobby with guys who were ranked #2, #12, #1 etc. in the master division on plaza, guess what they did? Their whole team on one roof with LMGS, assault shields and target finders. Fuc**** pathetic. What noobs do to keep up wins. *Smh.*

My KD & SPM are suffering now because of these campers everywhere… I need a team in league play lol. I really wanna curbstomp these sla**. Lmao. Smiley Very Happy

Mini rant over.

So yeah I'm interested in your clan. XD

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