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Looking for a clan(ps3)

Pretty simple enough with the subject and all, but I'll give a brief pitch. Been playing CoD for about 5 years. Have not been in many clans, mostly a solo gamer. Didn't feel as though my last clan was appreciative of my loyalty and dedication, so I'd like to move on. Now to brass tacks.

Have a k/d of 1.78, but that's not important as I will regularly sacrifice it to get clan ops done. I do intend to get a ps4, along with ghosts. Interested in beginning competitive play, do have a mic. I'm very active when not working, Don't really care if it's a new clan or a top 10 clan, but I do ask that only serious clans post or PM me. Have extreme loyalty if I believe in the leaders of a clan and will do anything I'm asked generally. Not too sure what else to put, so feel free to contact me for further details if needed. Thanks for reading.

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Re: Looking for a clan(ps3)

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Hey check us out UBOA level 20 and we have 24 members. We are active and do clan ops and challenges and think you would be a perfect fit for the team.

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Re: Looking for a clan(ps3)

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I am the leader jmoore514 2.16kd 2.42 w/l 437 spm 5046 wins. I play all game types but mostly kc tdm snd dom.my clan trill SAVAGES is look for some good all around players you don't have to be the best just know how to run as a team and get the win. I made a clan because the clan I was in a lot of the players will not be getting the ps4 right away like I am so I will be left to do all the work like  always. Add me at jmoore514 my only account no1v1 try outs for now because we are new all you have to do is play a few games with me and other members and I will tell you if you are in or not. Feel free to look at my theater mode at all of my games and stats I was top 300 in the world but I stopped playing and now I am top 70. It been one week since I made the clan and we are already level 11.

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Re: Looking for a clan(ps3)

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CAn I get your Age please.

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Re: Looking for a clan(ps3)

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inappropriate question...

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Re: Looking for a clan(ps3)

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Hey Saratoga, if yor haven't found the right one yet check out myoclan.com. We are a clan that people say they can dedicate to because we take good care of our members. We have a strong League team and also MLG team that you can tryout for and see if that's your thing. We have a great leadership core and we take care of our own. We have prizes tournaments, party nights, ad all-nighters. As far as the stuff that interests you least, we have over 60 guys and gals, level 50, top 25 clan, and sponsored. I'm sure you'll like it because everyone does. However, in MYO we ask that every member post to the website monthly. We communicate a lot together and that keeps us close and active. If you are into that kind of community hit us up on the website. Application is very easy.


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Re: Looking for a clan(ps3)

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[PS3] // Zeonic Force Gaming //  | Mature | Competitive Clan |


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[Mission Statement]

At ZF what sets us apart is our staffing team. We try to get everyone involve so that our members get the experience that no other community clan out there can set. We strive to have a family atmosphere and play at an elite level. Zeonic Forces is a clan that will make someone into someone better than they are now. If you are interested in being part of our family please visit our website. There you will find our requirements. Although we do have a high KD ratio requirement those that find themselves that they do not meet our requirements there are many other alternatives to get inside the clan.

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Team Deathmatch



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American/EU Time-Based

Full Parties 24/7

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We are ready for GHOST!!!

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