Looking for a clan (PS3)

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Looking for a clan (PS3)

Hello guys, this is Nightmare or Nightmare_Stitch. Whatever works.

I am currently looking for a clan. My KD is not so great as i am one of those guys who like to have some fun sometimes, but can go try hard in a moments notice. I am online a frequently as i can, but sadly i have work, and a bit of school work to get around as i am in year 12. I live in Australia, just in case you cared.

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Re: Looking for a clan (PS3)

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Are you looking for a clan well you are in luck find the DUTYOFCALL9 clan I have only just started my clan and I am still looking for members (this is a black ops 2 clan)

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Re: Looking for a clan (PS3)

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[PS3] // Zeonic Force Gaming //  | Mature | Competitive Clan |


..:: // Zeonic Force Gaming // ::..



[Mission Statement]

At ZF what sets us apart is our staffing team. We try to get everyone involve so that our members get the experience that no other community clan out there can set. We strive to have a family atmosphere and play at an elite level. Zeonic Forces is a clan that will make someone into someone better than they are now. If you are interested in being part of our family please visit our website. There you will find our requirements. Although we do have a high KD ratio requirement those that find themselves that they do not meet our requirements there are many other alternatives to get inside the clan.

[Favorite Game Modes]


Team Deathmatch



[Bonus Information]

American/EU Time-Based

Full Parties 24/7

[Gold] Clan Tags

100 Win Streak (Domination)

We are ready for GHOST!!!

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