Looking for a PS3 clan.

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Looking for a PS3 clan.

I'm looking for an active clan. My clan has fallen apart now that Black Ops 2 is available. 3/4 of my clan is playing MW3 and then you have the remaining 1/4 who does play, but doesn't do anything clan related. And then you have the people who actually play, but then all they do is ragequit when they are playing bad..... so yea

My K/D is 1.71 for the people who need to know.

I don't care what kind of game modes you guys play, even though I don't prefer Team Deathmatch for some reason I never play good at that Smiley Frustrated

You can even count me in if you guys want to play league play.

So if you got a good clan I can join just send a message to,

PSN: wabisabi6

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Re: Looking for a PS3 clan.

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my clan hasn't really grown but im pretty good ,wanna join me?

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Re: Looking for a PS3 clan.

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Like your stats, we're a 2.0 KDR only clan (I allow few exceptions if the player is good)

We always play with each other in big groups 4-6 usually (We avoid 9 because of rage quit once they see we are a 2.0 clan)

I'd like to test you out!

Add me   CallMeShooter-

Visit our website! Has a chat + everyone's PSN+KDRs etc

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Re: Looking for a PS3 clan.

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I'm in a good active clan over at ai-hq.com, usually a big party going every day. I've been in it for over 2 years, trust me, it's great. Our forums are pretty active, and we have a xat chat where members from all of our consoles chat and hang out, nice environment. Anyway if the above replies don't suit, then have a look at us alright


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