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So the clan i am part of now are never on and when they are no one ever plays together. so me and my buddy are looking for a new clan to join. We do not have mics and are decent players. If anyone is reqruiting please let me know.

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Also forgot to say we are looking for a xbox clan.

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Hi my name is Faith and I am the Clan Leader of Brutal Spade.

1.22 KD, we are all active, and we all have mics.

Check our videos on youtube! Here's the link to the channel,http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_4BbUQpoKDG1z_RqXQu3Q

if ur interested, u can msg me here or in xbox, savage faith

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my clan xXSOULCLANXx is recruting. u can join if you would like. we compete every weekend and play together all the time

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vortexvg.enjin.com go there and apply

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Our Xbox Clan "CRUE" has positions


Click >>>> Motley Crue <<<< to put in a

application and check us out on ELITE. 


-OO Nicc

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ive just made a new clan on elite called ThePlainNation if your intrested in joining fill out an application


and watch my video on how to get in


one thing i didnt put in my video is that you need a spm 200 or higher.

bye hope you get in

- Founder and leader of the clan

p.s. if you have any questions my xbl gamertag is T0XiiK P3NGUiiN

the o in T0XiiK is a zero

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Join New Virus we are gold tag clan and we are looking for more people to play with. We are currently 8 players and are always looking to add more. hit me up on xbox ejc5110

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(1hQ) 1 hiTTA QuiTTAs , is a newer clan i started that currently has 16 members. We are currently at clan level 9 1/2 . At 10 we get our gold clan tags . All but 1 has a mic athe moment .1 female . ( plenty more welcome )  6 masters residing including myself. We communicate very well in and outside of games.COMMUNICATION and TEAMWORK is key and thats why we win alot more games than we loose. Were all mature and laid back. We compete in every challenge possible including zombies . The clan contains all gamestyles from quickscopers , s.m.g.ers, l.m.g.ers/ etc. Anyones style is welcome. Please only apply if your active. I understand you cant be on everyday LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT! But i do expect you to atleast play with the clan if your online and help out in the challenges .

YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK~~  We are considering starting up a youtube page and a facebook page also, if your interested in running and controlling those for us as i dont have time to . Nor do i have the right equipment for youtube.

Check us out because we will not be accepting new members long . If your interested in joining 1hQ and would like to be part of a team that is working from the ground up please apply for the clan here - http://https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/7513802

OR ADD ME        PSN -  x1xhiTTAxQuiTTA         ( Leader )             Thanks

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is 1hq only on PSN? or is this a Multi-platformed clan?  Also do you guys have a website besides the call of duty elite page for the clan?

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