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Welcome everyone to the NeW !~AM Clan website.We are an elite group of gamers that love to play all kinds of games.This site is just to start of the clan.You dont have to do anything to join!No Need To Pay ANYTHING! We are here to have FUN. But in order to join you have to play with an existing member an he/she has to invite you to join a evaluation match with me an some of our members.Remember we are looking for anyone with a good knowledge of games an the way there made to be played. 

!~AM ESTSmiley SadSep 24, 2010).

Our goals are to grow and become one of the biggest an best clans in Gaming history.

Why choose us?

*!~AM is guaranteed to last long.

* We are a new up and coming clan with a great future ahead of us.
* Many spots still available!
* We support all gamers an help with, weapons, training and gamer styles.ect.
* Guaranteed to have a great time!

All new members an anyone that likes the video

Subscribe @
!~AM U Tube


* You must put "[!~AM]" in your clan tag or removed.

* You must have a Kills/Death ratio no less than 1.50
* You must stay active in-game.
* You must add all active members.
* You must fill out an application.
* No glitching or hacking in any way.
* In Hardcore mode, we never gun down one of our own on purpose. If this happens, that person will be suspended.
* All members must show respect to the members of the opposing clan and our own. unless we need to handle our business.
* Have some fun!
* New to !~AM is
Forums {Stay Active} Communication is key, No Bitching, Have fun!

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