Join [BTBD] BornToBeDope (Gold Clan tag) 50+ Members! Looking For Good & Active Players! ( Im online Now )

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BTBD Recruitment:

We Need About 5 More Leaders & Inorder To Apply For Leader I Will post below What your requirements Have To Be.

[ Will Be online Until 9 Or So ] Add My Psn let me know your In BTBD Or You Will Not Be accepted .

Leaders Requirements:

* Active Atleast 3 days A Week

* 1.10 K/D Or Higher

* Must Have a Mic.

  Member Requirements:

* Must Be Active

* I would prefer a Mic But If Not Then Your Okay.

* .80 k/D or Higher

Leaders For BTBD;

BornDopee [ Clan Owner ]





     >> I Will Be online To Read Your Request An Checking Your Combat Records , If Your Accepted Make sure you add my psn WHich is posted Above.. If Not you'll Be removed <<

                                  Apply Here:

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