I need a clan!!!!!!

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Re: I need a clan!!!!!!

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Re: I need a clan!!!!!!

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Clan Name - WE POP U DROP

Clan Tag - 374B

Clan Level - 9

Clan K/D - 1.41

Clan SPM - 328.7

Clan Hours Played - 865

Current Members - 12

Console - XBOX 360


- You have to be at least 15 years of age.

- You must have a mic.

- You have to be able to take directions.

- You must have at least a 1.10 K/D. (I make exceptions)

- 15 or more hours played. (I make exceptions)

     We are an all around good clan and we are able to adapt to any game type. We mostly play Domination, Demolition and Team Deathmatch so we tend to do those type of challenges and clan operations. We are not a strict clan, but we do ask that you participate when you can. I enlist the clan into challenges and operations for the whole week at the beginning of the week so you most likely won't be able to participate until the following week. Click the link below or message BOYWHOBURNSBUD for informatin on how to join WE POP U DROP.


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Re: I need a clan!!!!!!

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check out Ashes of The innocent (AoTi) we are a very active clan with over 60 active members that plays on multiple consoles xbox, ps3, wii and pc, our ps3 division is active with the clan challenges and has gold tags, whilst our xbox division is active within the leagues, we have a structured ranking system so we are not a messy clan, we have our own website, forums and xat chat, visit our website ai-hq.com for more info on us and to fill out an application

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