I'm looking for a good clan / team to play with (Playstation 3) - black ops 2 -

Black Ops II Clans

Hey guys I'm looking for a solid group of guys to play with online.

I'm 23, fun to play with and don't act like a giant douche!

Just add me in game, PSN: klputman2

-have a 1.90 K/D ratio and quickly growing

-have nuke town map

-have elite

-have new wireless sony headset/mic

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Hello Klputman2. If you are still looking for a clan I will suggest the 13th meu. We are a friendly clan focused on cooperation and are looking for more members for the just released BO2. We have two squads one based on the western hemisphere and one in the eastern due to time differences. To apply just follow the link http://13thmeu.forumn.org/register

We hope you will join us.

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I'm online now, add me let's play

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Invite sent from Stormtroopers-_- level 50 clan on MW3 , been together since 2008. check us out

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