I looking for a clan in PS3 !!

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I looking for a clan in PS3 !!

Hello everybody

I'm looking for a clan COD BO 2 on ps3.

I play 2/3 hours per day.

I love play Zombies  =D  I dont have Nuketown

I often play with the Scar-H, DSR-50 and M8A1.

Prestige 2. I have K/D ratio positive. I have Headsets

My favorite maps is a Slums and Express.

Add PS3: XxPringles09

Add Skype: chipmix09

Go into a Portuguese, Brazilian, American, Spanish, English Clans !!

I am a Portuguese Guy.

Sweet Dreams !

Good Night,


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Re: I looking for a clan in PS3 !!

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Apply here, We are a level 27 clan been together since 2008!

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Re: I looking for a clan in PS3 !!

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Wanna join my clan? Ive got 2.86 kd and plan on making a team of good players.

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Re: I looking for a clan in PS3 !!

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If your looking for a small PS3 gaming community to join, then please check out Renegade Elite.

Renegade Elite is a Playstation 3 community formed in October 2012 and we currently support Black Ops 2 and FIFA 13.

Renegade Elite on Black Ops 2

- We are currently number 35th in the World for our Clan Level on the PS3 Heavy Weight Clans list.

- We have earned Gold in every Clan Challenge and Operation we have participated in.

- We host our own tournaments for clan members only, on Zombies and Multiplayer.

- We play as a team.

What else do we offer?

- An extensive friendly forum for all our members to use to communicate

- A Facebook and Twitter page for quick updates on Clan news and to help members of the clan and the general public with query's regarding our community.

- A Youtube page to show off our gaming skills.

Requirements to join

- You must have a working mic

- You must meet our minimum age requirement

- You must be mature and respectful to all clan members

- You need to remain active on our forums and PS3 (using both at least once every two weeks, unless on vacation/holiday etc )

How to join Renegade Elite

Register an account at http://www.renegadeeliteclan.org

Once you've made an account post an application and await for a reply to see if you are accepted (Please allow 24 hours for a reply) .

Thank you for taking your time to read this

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Re: I looking for a clan in PS3 !!

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Thanks !! Thanks for the invitation, I signed up in the clan, now I am waiting for your reply

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Re: I looking for a clan in PS3 !!

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your username is glitched so here's the link.


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