I'd like to join an Xbox360 Clan for Black Ops 2 (1.65 k/d from MW3)

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I'd like to join an Xbox360 Clan for Black Ops 2 (...

My name is Adam (aka Tha Bus Driv3r) and I'd like to join an Xbox360 clan for Black Ops 2. The clan I was just in just split up and I'm leaving it. In MW3, I had a K/D ratio of 1.65 with 50,000+ kills, and currently I have a 1.21 in Blops 2. I like to mostly play KC and DOM. Not a big fan of zombies mode, but I'm addicted to multiplayer. I'm 24 years old and I have a mic (Turtle Beach x41). I'm very competitive, positive, and an all-around team player. I'd be a great addition to any clan. Due to my busy life, I play Sun - Thurs from 10pm to 11:30pm PST; however on Fri. and Sat. I also play at nighttime PST, but for 3+ hours 10pm - whenever (sometimes during the day on Saturday). I also like to make clan videos (
-I&feature=relmfu). I'd like to join a clan that's well established and has members already in it. If you'd like me to join your clan, please hit me up on Xbox. My gamertag is Tha Bus Driv3r.

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Re: I'd like to join an Xbox360 Clan for Black Ops...

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Hello mate. Love your post, I'll send you a add when I'm on line later if you don't mind, see if we can get you on line with some of the boys. Check us out on fb search uk-legends. If your not 100% match it ok, I'm open minded if you are. And rules can be changed for the right person. Hope to see you soon. Jamie gt- marlow7322

UK-Legends is a uk based Xbox Gaming community.

Recruiting now for like minded clan members to play COD (We are actively trying to expand the clan to compete on black ops 2)  


Working mic and able to communicate with others.

18+ years old

Must be in the uk

Access to Facebook (Clan matches/news will be posted on our page)

Please feel free to join us if you want to have fun whilst making friends. contact Marlow7322 or stripiestswine9 for more info.

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