I am looking for a (17+) mature [XBOX] clan on Black Op 2...1.42 K/D

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I am looking for a (17+) mature [XBOX] clan on Bla...

I am 18 years old and live in the US. I would like to play with people who are around my age (17-21 ?)AND MATURE!! I dont wanna hear none of that "I'm mature for my age" bull-ish.  Despite my venting in the that last sentence, I am a nice guy who (obviously doesn't use much cursing) and loves to play COD but I also have to juggle school and work, which come first. I've had alot of clan offers but none of them have seemed to stick out. If you need a strong player who is a strategic thinker and a dependable teammate, I'm your guy. If you are recruiting, please let me know and I will apply. Thanks alot.

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Come check out BCC we may just be the clan you've been looking for. We are sel-moderated with no drama or squeakers. (Squeakers = 9-14 year olds) We have members that are mainly in the 20- 30 age range but we do have a few older members. If you're looking for a mature clan then this is it. We are a No BS clan that has an ELITE Clan and a spot on the Top 100 Black Ops 2 clan page.

If you are interested come by and fill out an application. There are no other requirements except maturity and you obviously have that. You will enjoy yourself while leveling up fastly.

Website: http://www.bcc.x10.bz/phpbb

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