Here 4 Beer Recruiting!!! (PS3)

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Here 4 Beer Recruiting!!! (PS3)

The clan Here 4 Beer is recruiting new clan members for the upcoming clan ops and clan challanges that Black ops 2 is about to throw at us. Search my clan and apply..leave a msg stating your age location, k/d and if you have a mic.

Our clan consists of only 8 members right now. Hoping to grow to 15 or 20 members. We are mostly HC TDM players so if you play any other game mode then we would def love to have you since not every clan op or clan challange has to do with hc tdm. Here 4 Beer was created just over 2 months ago and have made it to lvl 23 on MW3 but we dont usually play that anymore.

Any questions about us can be sent to me on psn (Heighton86).

Possible clan name change as well so bring some good clan names with you haha

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