HellFireClub: (PS3) Level 46 clan in MW3 - Level 33 clan in BO2 - We are looking for New members with a particular set of skills

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HellFireClub is a PS3 Level 46 in MW3 and Level 33 in BO2. We are looking for New Members with a particular set of skills:

  • Must be a 1.0 K/D ratio in either game. (If it drops too low, your gone)
  • Must play challenge and clan ops when possible.
  • Must have 100 hours or 4 days played in Both games (looking for players that don't even take the game out there PS3).
  • Need to be a mature individual.
  • Having a Mic is optional but greatly appreciated.
  • Willing to give call outs of enemies locations and play certain roles like anti-killstreak builds.
  • Clan op and Challenges may vary, so you must be able to Play All Game modes not just TDM or KC.
  • Can use some Zombie players for zombie challenges as well.
  • Must have a Facebook (this is how we communicate)
  • Please no Clan Jumpers - Loyalty is important
  • Like to bring in some really good "Quick Scopers"/Snipers

We have about 15 spots available at this time. So If you meet all the requirement above then apply at: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/1730816

We also send us a message that you applied at our  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HellFireClubClan

The Clan Lead is NBAlivesucks message him or HFC-KillerELITE that you applied and Liked our Facebook page.

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