GMT/ majority weekend gamer looking for Clan to join. (Xbox 360)

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GMT/ majority weekend gamer looking for Clan to jo...

Hi There

I'm hoping there's a Clan out there for me. I usually game for a couple of hours on weeknights and for quite some time on weekend nights.

I'm not fantastic on my one, definitely not a one man army but feel I could do a fantastic job in a more coorparative environment. I  very much enjoy casual gaming but like to win... and kill!!!

If there is anyone who is in mode around 2000-0200 GMT through out the week (on Xbox 360), I'd be very happy to join if I was right for you.

Happy for tryouts

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Re: GMT/ majority weekend gamer looking for Clan t...

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XxSavage_LifexX IS NOW RECURITING !!! Xbox360

Posted by kcroxton27 on Jan 11, 2013 3:27 AM 


Hello I am Kcroxton27  CEO/FOUNDER

we are looking for players to join us for Clan Ops in Black ops 2 and MW3

ON XBOX 360 All ranks K/D welcome. The XxSavage_LifexX is a brand new clan that is looking for some new members to try and strengthen our force,  We Play all game Types and we regularly take part in Clan Operations, Clan Challenges and also Clan Matches. We are based in the USA and we have a really friendly community and experienced players.

We only have a couple of requirements for new members and they are as follows:

  • The ability speak English clearly
  • Have a Microphone
  • Players must Be mature acting
  • Participate in Clan Ops At least Twice a month

If you have any questions or are intrested in joining feel free to contact me on here or at my xboxlive gamertag: Kcroxton27

Thanks for reading,

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Re: GMT/ majority weekend gamer looking for Clan t...

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Hey there,

Erebos is a PS3 clan.

We are looking for members to help with challenges and operations as well as having more available members to play with during the week and weekend.

Add my gamer tag in game #Ap0ca1yp3e

We can play a couple of games and make an informaed decision after.


Regards Apocalypse

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Re: GMT/ majority weekend gamer looking for Clan t...

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We've been around since MW2 and are now seeking members who are willing to help us climb those levels!

We play alot of objective based games, such as Domination, SnD, and CTF. We play both Core and Hardcore.

If this seem interesting, don't hesitate, go and apply NOW! (or write your IGN here and I'll invite you)

We are at level 5 in BO2 and level 24 in MW3.

Requirements are:

Pref. 18+ (or mature language and behaviour)

Participate in clan ops/challenges

Pref. a 1.00 K/Dr (if you play alot of objective game types this doesn't matter)

Enjoying the game even when things aren't going your/our way!

Hope to see you soon with our clan tag in front of your IGN!

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Re: GMT/ majority weekend gamer looking for Clan t...

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Good Morning! I am Leader of Future Conflict. We would love to have you try out tonight if you aren't to busy. My GT is xFCx IDOL IMAGE. We are looking for 3 or 4 more active members to join us in clan ops, challenges and just good old fashion fun. If you are interested send me a message or add me as a friend. I would love to hear from you and see what you have to offer as well as you see what we have to offer. Thanks!

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