Enforcer Gaming Community (U.S.) (PS3 and XBOX) EFGC accepting members

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Enforcer Gaming Community is looking for polite mature members to join our organization. We are a clan focused on growning a brotherhood of players. We are NOT focused on K/D ratio. We are looking for members who have a mature attitude, are willing to work as a team, help other clan members. We do not want members who trash talk in lobbies, boost, glitch, or cheat in any way.

Our rules are:

#1 No interclan hostility (clan member on clan member hostility)

#2 No cheating of any kind (zero tolerance)

#3 No jumping in lobbies on the other team against other clan members (may be interpreted as boosting)

#4 Must be 18 years of age or older. (we do have apprentice positions available to the children of clan members)

#5 Must have the EFGC clan tag on at all times.

#6 No trash talking in lobbies

Must have a mic.

Again, we do not focus on K/D, but our member hasve reported that their K/D ratio has improved since joining due to communication, teamwork and support form other members.

We have a general rule of respect. No racial remarks to other clan members or random lobby members. No sexist or sexual remarks to clan members or random lobby members. If you wouldn't want someone talking to your wife or daughter in a certain way, don't talk to someone elses wife or daughter in that manner.

I know we have extensive rules. We are not willing to compromise our principles for the sake of gaining members. We want quality not quantity. If you share these principles, I invite you to join our organization. We are firm on our principles.

We have 2 clans operating on xbox and will have 2 clans operating on ps. The first is our community clan. Our community clan is for casual gamers who want to be part of a community of gamers without all of the trash that comes with playing with random players. This clan was established to build a base of mature players who enjoy the game, not starting trouble. Members are expected to work together as a team when playing with other clan members and adhere to the clan rules. The second clan is the ENFORCER GAMING ELITE clan. The ELITE clan is for members who want to bring their gameplay to a competetive level. We are currently building 2 MLG teams for xbox and will be building 2 MLG teams for PS. We have livestreaming capabilities, we are making videos, have a ENFORCER GAMING COMMUNITY website, twitch account, twitter account, youtube account and facebook account. We also have a webstore that sells t-shirts, stickers, water bottles, iphone cases, ipad cases, and I am working on a site that allows members to customise their own t-shirts. I am an affiliate with microsoft, bestbuy, amazon, walmarts and a few other online businesses. Affiliate means that I advertise their products on our site. If you are intersted in joining, visit our website and submit our rules agreeement form on the clan rules page. Make sure to type your exact gamertag and what platforms you play on. You may also contact primer31 on xbox or ps for further details.

Website:  http://www.enforcer-gaming.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Enforcer-Gaming/312107548870692

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ENFORCERGAMING

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