DoPEASS Crew <JvZ> Recruitment Page <APPLY HERE> (PS3)

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DoPEASS Crew <JvZ> Recruitment Page <APPLY HERE> (...

Welcome to the JvZ recruitment page. Here you can learn about us and apply to our clan if you are interested.

So, first things first... We are a high level clan looking for advanced players to join who HAVE MICS and have a HIGH K/D ratio.... There is an acception to having a low k/d; I have a group of friends who like to troll around and we die alot thus making my k/d really bad(1.23) but now I have changed my feelings about call of duty and I want to be a COMPETITIVE CLAN who does plenty of group games and league play. We have GOLD in black ops 2 but not MW3...


Have a MIC

HAVE a HIGH K/D <above 1.5>  ( or the acception if you can show me you can play better than your k/d shows )

<ability to play competitively> ( NOT necessary or needed )

Having Fun

So yeah, that's about us... Now I want to know about you,

Apply to our clan and give me a message about you! Good day and stay fresh.

Apply here>>>>>

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