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Black Ops II Clans

I am looking for a clan to possibly join who are decent and are all around my skill level, both casual and competitive. Strong believer in objective play. Personally been playing Call of Duty since Call of Duty 4.

GamerTag: cjdehling

MW3 K/D: 2.01

BO2 K/D: 2.00

BO2 W/L (Mainly solo player): 2.10

BO2 Score per Minute: 400

Currently 7th Prestige with 3.5 days played

Max Prestige in all other Call of Duty Games

Willing to participate in almost all Clan Operations

Message me on Xbox LIVE or reply on forum if you would be interested in picking me up and adding me to your clan.


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I'm looking for cool people to play with. my k/d is 1.33....spm is 316. let me know if you're interested.

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id be interested, my GT is Crystol Pistol i have above a 2. kd

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Hey guys just wanted to put it out there ....if your looking for a black ops 2 Xbox clan to compete with or just play organized and win let me know...

The clan is NO BIG DEAL and we roll with NBD clan tag.  Recruirements to join message on xbox live NBD MACATTACK, TBF Vendetta (will be NBD XXX soon), or Blaze1345 for a tryout. 

the deal with the will be a private match playing 1v1  you get no perks or attachments neither does the NBD member trying you out.  You have to get 20kills before we get to 10.  Depending on how well you do will decide if you will be accepted into the clan, placed on a probationary status in which we will monitor you, or we tell you to hone your skills a little more and try out again in the future.

Once accepted into the clan you will be required to do a gamer tag change to prove your dedication to us.  DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL you have been ACCEPTED into the Clan.

We primarily play Hard Core/Kill Confirmed, however with interest of the group we do not shy away from any game type.

We prefer our members to play frequently but we also know that people do have lives...just make sure you let us know if your casual or serious.

You must be 16years old or mature enough to play like an adult.  Able to communicate in game//you must have a mic these 2 things obviously go hand in hand.  But one of the most important keys to winning and being among the best is the ability to communicate to your team where your spotting or being killed from.  Also having patience and not running into a spawn causing the enemy to begin spawning behind you...this is textbook stuff and really the utter basics...if you cannot do these things you will be placed in a 30day probationary status to promote you to hone this skill at the end of 30days the team captains will vote on your future with the clan.

Our clan is set up in a Ranking system

* Team Captain- Founding Fathers of the clan.  Handle decisions made about clan operations and relations.  Control and Organize competitions between   other clans

*Colonel- Trusted Clan Officers who try out interested gamers.  Organize clan competitions

*Major- First Level Officers seek out potential new members to be tried out by col./cap.- also aids in organization of clan competitions

*Sergeant- Handles minimal organization of clan competitions.  Suggests potential recruits to majors who in turn give opinion to cols for recruitment

*Member- one of the club.  can promote friends to join to Sergeants.  Plays with the Clan participates as needed.

*Proby- required to play with at least 1 major or higher of the clan if they are available.  basically hones skills at the game and works on perfecting communication.  This is important because if in this rank you can be removed at any point by a Captain or Colonel for failing to meet standards of the clan.

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Come check us out

Recruiting for both Ps3 and Xbox

Referrer Birdiekat

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[BO2] eXodus Gaming - Xbox 360 Gaming Clan - 16+ Only

eXodus Gaming is a Xbox 360 clan and community for ages 16+. We were formed in November of 2011 with leaders and a core group of members from a previous team.

We are a CoD specialized clan with members who play other Game Titles. We accept US and EU players so no matter where you live, you’ll always have someone to have a gaming session with you will never be alone.

Some of the current features we have are:

» Active Leadership

» Active and always busy

» Special events and game nights

» Skilled active members in-game who just love to play and have fun

» A live chat box on our forums to chat with friends live

» Positive, friendly atmosphere

» And much more in the works

We are organized based on a simple rank structure where members are encouraged work they way up. Mainly to stay organized and reward those who have showed high activity and dedication.

We accept both casual and competitive players, all new recruits go through a 7 day trial period, were they must reach a simple post count of 10 and at least get a 1.00 k/d ratio in a few matches.

Please be sure to read our Rules and Regulations thread Located Here before submitting an application to join

Ready to post an application? Need more information? All of which can be found on our website at

Or add my gamertag: Stevenmannn

Thanks, and hope to see you on the battlefield!

eXodus Gaming

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What state are you from?

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