Clan Recruitment .

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Clan Recruitment .

Sup , I'm the leader of Team Envy , we had a professional website , until one of our sub-leaders / Web Develeoper had the site taken down when he heard there was going to be a leadership change . He left and took our competitive players with him . Since then we only have 68 Members and we get gold pretty much every op . We have a 2.39 Clan KD with a 415.93 SPM we are looking for members with a 2.40+ KD and a 425+ SPM to maintain our hard earned stats BUT we need more people to do the clan ops My self and 3 other main people usually take on the ops alone , and we need more people to do the ops .If your stats are pretty good I'll accept you into the clan BUT if you don't do clan ops without telling me or the co-leader SoloTheGent-Sho you will be kicked . Peace

- xProskilz

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