Active PS3 Clan looking for new members

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Active PS3 Clan looking for new members

My clan members and I are looking for some new, strong, clan members to join our clan for the upcoming clan ops and clan challanges black ops 2 is about to throw at us. We are a lvl 23 clan in mw3 and only have 5 members but we formed our clan only a month ago so we are very serious about clan xp. We play only hardcore game types unless its a clan op that is core based. HC TDM is our strong point so picking up members who are strong in other game types would be a huge bonus for us. MSG me on psn if you are Interested.  Heighton86       We are in the middle of a clan name change but for the time being our clan name is Here 4 Beer. Garunteed to be changing within the week. If you apply for our clan please leave a message saying what your strong game type is, your KDR and your age. We are a group of aged 21+ players so the older you are the better. Hope to hear from some ppl very soon

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