Acidic Gamers [PS3] looking for new members

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Acidic Gamers [PS3] looking for new members

Acidic gamers is currently looking for new memebers we are a small clan but we are growing fast. We do have a few requirements listed below

1. You must have a mic and communicate with the clan
2. you have to speak GOOD english
3.must have a min K/D of .75
4. must be active we do expect you to perticapate in the clan ops

We are looking for more of a objective type player not just crazy run around killers that only care about there K/D, but if you can do both thats a plus. On top of the we are just a bunch of guys that like to win, have fun and love to play.
We are also looking for players to join us for game battles. as we want to get on the competitive side of things.

our favorite games to play are Domination, CTF, S&D and Demolition. We do not play MW3 we play BO2 and what ever comes out in the future

if you are interested send in a apllication on elite and tell us why you think you are right for our clan. Thanks for you time

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