32nd Reaper Division looking for talent on the PS3

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We are the 32nd Reaper Division and we have been running for over 6 years. We are currently looking for highly skilled players for our Gamebattles team. However we are also accepting some lower level players for our general population clan to do pub matches and clan battles.

Here's a quick list of what you'll need before even looking at our website:

1. Mic

2. At least 1.3 KDR for gen-pop and around a 1.9-2.0 for MLG team

3. At least 15 years old is preferable but exceptions are made for younger kids.

4. Good personality and teamwork skills

5. Communication skills

If you have these things and still wish to join, go to www.32ndreaperdivision.webs.com and check us out. Seriously, make sure you read shit before signing up. We're a long term and organized clan, check out our Rules and Guidelines page, article titled "Recruit Requirements" if you wish to know more details about exactly what type of players we're interested in.

If you make the decision to jump on board with us, I wish you luck. Contact GTAmerc on PSN if you are interested.


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