1.75 K/D XBOX Player looking for a good clan

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Hey guys, my younger brother has a clan, but he doesn't want me in it, so I sneaked onto his account and posted this. I really want a clan so anyone who is looking for a great rusher, hit me up with a reply below.

Stats and Useful Info:

K/D: 1.75

SPM: 304

Age: 19

Country: Canada

Timezone: Mountain Time (-7)

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Hey we have a couple of Canadians in our clan, one I play with daily so apply on the link below.

LEGION OF DEATH is a Gold Level 35 Clan  with a  1.0 K/D  that  is looking to add members. Must follow the Code  of  Conduct.  Must be 16 or over and like to have fun but play to win.   We  play in daily and weekly challenges and take Gold in most of them.   We  play CORE and HARDCORE, all game modes and we have a League Team  that is  looking to   expand.  We have a snipers division that is just  starting  up.  We have  a  facebook page that we can stay in contact  with members  and give recognition to the top players in every  challenge.  Give us a  try and see if   you fit in.  Apply today and  leave a message on your  age and what game  modes you like to play.

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