lag and connection lost

Black Ops 3 Xbox 360

Please fix the lag and connection lost I can't even play a full match anymore without one of these happening 

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Hey there, 


Are you on a wired or wireless connection? What is your Nat type? Can you please link us to your results? 




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Almost everyone that plays BO3 is having this same issue!!!! Why is it these companies are so quick to put the blame on everything other than there product? The server that run BO3 are junk...bottom line.
Do you not know many ISP's WILL NOT assign a Private address with a PUBLIC IP address to fix the "NAT is set to Moderate"? So why not do something about the "NAT is set to Moderate" issue with YOUR PRODUCT?
Someone with a speed of 1 gbs has no different outcome than a person with 200mbs when it comes to the "Connection interrupted" issue.
I have 1gbs and I still get the "Connection Interrupted" on BO3.
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