error code A.B.-.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.Q.-.S.-.-.V.-.-.

Black Ops 3 Xbox 360

Hello, I’ve been having connection issues with Black Ops III. I bought Black Op’s III at Christmas and I'm sad to tell you how disappointed I am I keep getting kicked out of games , Interrupted connection, and merging server which ends up kicking me out of the game I have had Microsoft looking and trying everything and they tell me it is NOT them or my machine. I then went to my internet provider who in turn checked everything and it turned out it is not them either I then settled in and tried many other games and I do not have this problem with any of them so that leaves your game and the servers.

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If this happened on Xbox one they would care

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Yo estoy igual. Con una Xbox 360, buena conexión de internet y me sale el mismo mensaje.

Es por días, hay veces en que puedo jugar sin problemas y otras me sale el dichoso cartel. Eso si no me deja congelada la consola y tengo que reiniciarla. !

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Hola amigo simplemente hay que esperar a que cambie el numero de arriba a la derecha de todos modos te dejo el video espero que te ayude no olvides iniciar sesion primero dejame un te gusta chao...

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Hey there,

We would like to inform you that we only provide support in English. Can you clarify your issue?


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Hi, i'm having same issue here, my version in corner restarting doesn,t help, other games works fine online, server status defcon 5.So where is the problem, we pay money to play your games and what you give us? BS, probably i need to go back to battlefield games Smiley Sad

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Is there any help on this error code, my version is

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I've been having the same proble with my game black ops 3, whats wrong with it. It says that the connection is bad or some thing. This is not acceptable I'm very disappointed. Smiley Sad

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IMO that code is meaningless. It usually pops up after I get the 'can't connect to COD server - servers may be offline', if I retry a few times then I will eventually connect.

It's yet another random connection error message that can be taken with a pinch of salt.

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Hello there, are you playing on a wired or wireless connection? Lets have you try by unplugging your platform and router for 5 full minutes then wait 1-2 minutes before going past the main menu. ^RK

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