Black Ops 3 Xbox 360


This isn't a question so much a a complaint. Activision, I understand you probably have a lot to deal with. But the servers on black ops 3 are some of the saddest excuses for servers I've ever played on. The only other multiplayer servers I have found to be worse was FarCry 3's. Ya you have BO3 on the next gen to deal with, but that doesn't mean x360 players should suffer. The connectivity is atrocious as I constantly get interrupted connection, most games every player but 1 has red bar connection, and on multiple maps there are ways to get underneath the terrain and never get killed. I quite like black ops 3 but you need to get your s*it together. You're a massive electronics company but can't be bothered to maintain and upgrade previous generation servers? I don't want excuses or reasons for why it's such s*it, I don't want my criticisms scrutinized, I want to be assured that you will look into it and that you care about mine and other players gaming experience. Thank you.


sincerely, a pissed off gamer

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