In need of a clan/gb team/pub team

Black Ops 3 Xbox 360

I need a clan to join I have a 1.24 k/d ratio I am an assault rifle player but I can also use the vmp. I'd also be willing to join a gb team I don't have an account but if you need one I will do 2v2 3v3 or 4v4 anytime. Lastly I need some good players with 1.20 k/d or higher for a team of six to play with online so I don't have to play with noobs all the time. Message me if interested in any of these. Gamertag-Wyganowski01

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I got in ReVo cus of hardcore maybe you can show me something today or another time  , ReVo is a hardcore clan .. if you r good enough you can join

let me know


My Gamertag = ReVo Guinlore


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