Black Ops 3 Xbox 360




I dont knwo what it is, but its getting really annoying, I was playing whit my friend BO3 Zombies the map " der eisdendrache" and we finnesd the soulkeeper part, after that, I was lagging so badly, I got the messege " connection inturupted" 

Now, I have a lot of "connection inturupted" but thats not the problem. 


The problem is:

BG-EvaluateTrajectory: unknown trType: 255 

and i get this messege a lot. 


So here some informations: 

Playing on the xbox 360 whit 4 players. 

lag a lot after the heavy part when the dogs responds like hell "full the soulkeeper" 

Got connection interuppted, and kicked out whit the error messege.


Can someone please let me know what this means, and give me some advice to fix this problem.




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