Black Ops 3 Xbox 360


Does anyone that plays bo3 on Xbox360 want to do a 4v4 battle both us get our own teams together and then  do our own ban/protect best of 3 series  which will include.  Round 1: Hardpoint-Stronghold, Search and Destroy-Fringe, Uplink-Evac, Capture the Flag-Breach, Search and Destroy-Redwood. Round 2: Hardpoint-Breach, Search and Destroy-Stronghold, Uplink-Infection, Capture the Flag-Evac, Search and Destroy-Hunted. Round 3: Hardpoint-Evac, Search and Destroy-Breach, Uplink-Fringe, Capture the Flag-Stonghold, Search and Destroy-Infection. Message me Gamertag:Wyganowski01 if interested. 

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