Why cant I sprint for more than 3-5 steps in ZOMBIES ONLY%3F

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It starts out fine where I can sprint for the full duration and then after that times out every attempt to sprint afterwards results in a 3 second sprint and a stop. If I wait a couple of seconds the sprint resets and I can run full duration again but otherwise I'm just starting and stopping like the clapping Nikolai in kino b01. Its driving me crazy cause I bought the game when it was free on psPlus and after less than a year I can't play zombies any more. I'm constantly getting downed because of my inability to run away. This problem does not get better with staminup. The duration before the problem starts is lengthened only. I know it's not my controller as this controller is literally brand new and the problem does not happen on multiplayer. Is it a server issue? A bug? What the ***** is going on? Please help me....

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