The problem with Aim Assist on PC

Black Ops 3 PC

Sorry zero evidence, come back and try again bud. I get that you are getting angry... Because you have nothing so it is more then likely frustrating. I am sure you were be fine with your 1.90 K/d

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3.94 k/d ratio actually.

They didn't remove aim assist as expected. So I just bought a Xim4 myself.

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Watch this video scrub

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Aimbot light bo3 your evidence

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Simply put, it wouldnt be calld aim assist if it didn't asist you. Are you slow?

@Tiex1958 wrote:

Until you provide evidence or video footage of this "snap to target" or "lock on". You have nothing.


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Aim assist should absolutely not be used for mouse and keyboard. But controllers really need aim assist for them to not be at a total disadvantage. I have a bug that won't let me play keyboard and mouse cause when I right click my aim goes hay-wire instead of doing normal ADS.

The Aim Assist is very noticeable and your cursor will track the target. I have also experienced target snapping. If you're close enough to the target, and then aim down your sights, it will make sure you're right on them. Your aim will also move with a moving target slightly.

But this does not make aim assist OP at all. Even with aim assist controllers are outclassed at every range. You have to play really badly as a KB+M player to let aim assist get you down. Controller users lose so much time slowly dragging their aim around the screen instead of being there in a split second thanks to a quick swipe of the mouse.

The KB+M using aim assist though, I can believe is OP. Not only do you have fast aiming, but all you have to do is swipe your mouse near the target and then ADS and you got them. It even works through a smoke screen.

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Aim assist should not be used, ever. People can get good with a controller and if they choose to use one, they should not be assisted because of it. Fix you bug, get a new keyboard and mouse, whatever. But aim assist has no place on PC.

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look at 1:00-2:00 for your video evidence with slo-mo and explaination. Gtfo of here with your aimbot mayne. l2p and stfu. get some skill tiex1958

I've played a lot of CoDs... keeping your aim on target while the target is doing gymnastics is where the skill is at. If there is ANYTHING that assists that aim, ANYTHING, ​it takes away from the skill. Whatever fancy explanation you want to give, fine. You go ahead, it's a free country. Just know that this forum WON'T exist if it wasn't a problem.

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Controller players will support the need and use of Aim Assist on PC and all/99.2% of PC players will agree that Aim Assist has not place on PC for MANY reasons... Much of which are listed below in the following link.

The Top 5 Things That Ruin Black Ops 3. (On PC) - YouTube

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You are right there is aim assist code in the game it been in all the Cod games since day one the only difference is in  the earlier games it was only activated in xbox or ps versions and only became a problem in Pc when a hacker activated it for there Pc . But now as you say just by using a simple set up you can fool the PC and it does make a big difference in aiming as I have seen it used on a friends system and was surprised how big a difference it makes . Bunny hoping around and keeping the target in the sights was easy and had a go at jumping and sniping and found that very easy as well . To say there is no evidence in the game just look at players who do these moves  and still get easy kills they are using aim assist as without it you just loose track of the target however good you are .

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