So why are hackers not getting banned?

Black Ops 3 PC

I reported these guys through both steam, and through Black Ops about a week ago. They're all still playing, and still using hacks.

Each day I'm noticing more and more hackers, and it's probably because they know they can get away with it...

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I'm sorry to hear that you encountered some players who were not playing by the rules.

Reports are thoroughly reviewed before action is taken and will not always be immediate. I have forwarded the posted video to the appropriate party for further investigation.

Please note I removed the video from the post as name and shame is not allowed on the forum.



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Why have these guys not been banned yet? The videos that I've posted are clear evidence that these guys use the "no recoil macro/script". The vesper kicks like a horse, and yet these guys have zero recoil on there vespers. It's so obvious and yet they've not been banned yet, it's been well over a month now. Why?


BLACK OPS 3 - NO RECOIL HACK / SCRIPT / MACRO ppt German Clan - YouTube

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There is another post about a guy wanting unbanned right above this one.  However, you'd think the obvious cheaters could be banned quicker.

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Dude these a holes (the hackers), know the call of duty creators only care about getting content out and not providing a fair playing environment. I mean hell, they already have all of our money, what’s the point? They know we are all just going to buy next years hoping they will change things, which they never do.

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ya, i havn't seen any hackers in awhile.  they still pop up but i havn't come across any regulars

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Its because its weak ass, like its fisher price.

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There is way to many hackers in Black ops 3 PC . From aimbots to the master prestige . The best way to fix this is to give us ded servers we can rank on and control who comes and goes in the server.

Lag toggle is still there . I run an i7 4770k with 24 2333 hz ram with  the 980ti along with an internet connection that is 100 down and 10 up . SO fix this trash or lose even more people on PC to other games .

This hacking and you guys not letting there be ded servers is trash .

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The game to me is now infested with cheats, the usual excuse for wallhacking is against campers, as pathetic as that sounds, but on estimation most games nowadays have at least 1 or 2 cheats in the top 3. It's far more prevalent than activision either realise or will admit to. I am seriously considering uninstalling

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It seems like the number and occurances of hackers has increased drastically the last 2-3 months.  It seems like they're on more during the evening than during the day.  They are ruining this game and I don't know why it's allowed.  I won't be buying a BO4 if there is one.

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